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e-Mature Learning in Design and Technology
The first paper produced on behalf of NAAIDT and DATA in support of the BECTa initiated project on eMaturity.

Design and Technology has long been recognised as making a significant contribution to the development of an individual’s ICT capability. D...

Health and Safety Training Guide in Design and Technology
This document is essential reading for inspectors, advisers, consultants, teachers, trainers and others involved in Health and Safety courses for design and technology. It provides a clear structure for organising core level Health and Safety training, id...

Purchasing of Machines and Equipment Guidance

This guidance satisfies PUWER and BS4163:2000 although a judgement(risk assessment)is required from the purchaser.

New material : new challenges
And then came ICT . . . . . and the new material is electronic data. What does this look like and what are its associated characteristics and working properties? What new processes are available and how might these influence the working environment – or...

ICT in DT Commentary
A commentary grid prepared for BECTa in 2004 that attempts to relate DT activities at KS3 to the requirements of the PoS for ICT. For each ICT statement there is a corresponding over-arching statement about DT, some reference to corresponding statements i...

An example of a secondary Health and Safety policy
Framwellgate Moor
This is an example of a recently updated H&S policy for a D&T department which demonstrates links to the DATA/NAAIDT scheme. It will need modifying to suit individual school's D&T department.

WJEC GCSE Design & Technology
WJEC GCSE Design & Technology
GCSE and GCSE (Short Course) specifications in Six focus areas :
Food Technology
Graphic Products
Resistant Materials Technology
Systems and Control Technology
Textiles Technology
Industrial Technology


Oxford and Cambridge and RSA examinations for DT
Report and overview of Oxford and Cambridge and RSA examinations for DT focus areas, manufacturing and engineering at GCSE and equivalent
Electronic Products 1953
Food Technology 1954
Graphic Products 1955
Industrial Technology 1959
Resistant Materia...

QCA Monitoring of GCSE DT examination 2004
Summary, key findings and implications for further consideration from the QCA D&T Monitoring Report

Speaking and Listening in Primary Design and Technology
NAAIDT sponsored seminar at NEC November 2004

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