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DCSF new food rooms guidance last call 2009
The DCSF have issued a last chance for schools to take advantage of this initiative. Only schools without Food facilities may apply for capital funding to enable them to fulfill statutory requirements in Key Stage 3 from September 2011. Please note: BSF schools in waves 1 to 6 are not eligible.
These funds must be accessed through and with the support of the Local Authority. Full details attached.

DCSF new food rooms guidance last call 2009

Building Bulletin 81 Guidance

NAAIDT Annual Conference 2009: 'Sustaining the Future' - 23rd - 25 April 2009
Members may download a Conference Pack from here

Building schools for the future
The Education Group (EdG) have organised a joint event with the Environmental and Waste Management Group (EWMG) on the theme of 'Building schools for the future'.

This full day networking event will be held on 28 January 2009 at the Bolton Science and Technology Centre, Minerva Road, Farnworth, Bolton BL4 0WA.

The day will provide you with excellent CPD opportunities and the chance to network with fellow health and safety profesionals.
Click here for further details and link to application form

Act now on large secondary D&T class sizes!
Make your voice heard please ensure you and your colleagues click here and sign the epetition now

STEM DIRECTORIES - New resources

Press Release for STEM Directories

Click here to goto the STEM Directory website

Download a report from the Ofsted site

CAD it! CAM it!
Now available from the NAAIDT Online Shop

New DT publications from CLEAPSS
Health and Safety Maintenance of D&T Workshop Equipment L254
Managing Risk Assessment in Design and Technology L235
See the CLEAPSS web site for details

Building Schools for the Future
Click on the title for a listing of all entries in the DT Online Structures database showing examples DT accommodation in schools

Health and Safety
Click on the title for a listing of all entries in the Leadership and Management database relating to Health and Safety in DT departments

Presentations for DT projects
An electronic teaching resource, using presentation software, for teachers to use when presenting classroom activities in support of designing and making processes together with electronic workbooks for pupils.
Link to web site section

CADCAM: A guide for secondary schools
ImageWritten by Bob Cater, TEP associate and Technology Alliance Wales (TAW) Chief Executive and jointly published by TEP and NAAIDT, this book features examples of 2D and 3D product design, tracing product development through to manufacture.
It illustrates a range of ideas to develop CAD/CAM in a variety of contexts and materials. It also contains materials to help departments assess where they are with CAD/CAM provision and to plan for development. A brief look at the use of CAD/CAM as a Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3 transition activity is also included.
Order details in the Publications section

Design and Technology Accommodation in Secondary Schools
This website is a practical resource designed to help with the process of creating or adapting accommodation for Design and Technology teaching in secondary schools.
Link to the guidance on TeacherNet

Creating the Right Environment for Design and Technology
Creating the right environment for design and technology is extremely important for pupils studying design and technology in the 21st Century. Whilst investment in accommodation is important it can lose its impact if the planning for curriculum use is not considered before the environment design.
Click here or on the title bar to link to pages on this subject provided by the Warwickshire e-Learning Community

National Design and Technology Education Centre, Ironbridge
Click here or on the title to access a presentation describing the centre

NAAIDT Online Conference Forum
Colleagues are beginning to see the value of this online method of sharing views and some interesting discussion threads are beginning to appear. As more 'take the plunge' and use it, the conference will gain in value - so don't hesitate, have a go!
Click here or on the title bar to join in the discussions - it is open only to NAAIDT members so you will need your NAAIDT password to enter

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