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Free and Easy CNC project

NAAIDT Resources on this site

Project Exchange

The NAAIDT Project Exchange provides teachers and others with the opportunity to share ideas for design and technology projects and activities. Each entry comprises a text description to a common format and an illustration of the expected outcomes if available. Project Exchange provides teachers with a useful source of ideas with which to implement their planned progression of Design & Technology skills and concepts.

Portfolio of Assessed Work

The NAAIDT portfolio comprises a searchable collection of assessed coursework and examination work from previous years. The assessments stated are those given by the awarding or submitting institution and are not the responsibilty of NAAIDT.

CADCAM Gallery

The NAAIDT CADCAM Gallery comprises a collection of CAD drawings and resulting models which have been developed by design technology teachers. Entries include contact details for those seeking more information, a description and the actual CAD file produced, where available.

Design & Technology Milestones

The NAAIDT Design & Technology Milestones database comprises a gallery of products of all types selected by pupils, teachers and NAAIDT members as being significant developments of the last Millennium. Each entry is dated and comprises a text description and illustration together with details of provenance where known. The gallery will be useful for product analysis activities and to provide a historical perspective to the study of design and technology.

External Resources

D&T Online

D&T Online provides resources at three levels:

At its simplest. it comprises an extensive database of information potentially relating to all focus areas of D&T. At a second level, several focus areas have an interactive designer section which enables users to access information in a live designing situation to support and enhance their design decisions. Finally, through D&T Online, users without access to sophisticated CNC equipment may link with those who have to enable components to be manufactured remotely, thus modelling modern industrial paractice. Online interactive design tools and D&T related information. Designed by teachers for use by children.

Free and Easy CNC project

The Free and Easy project aims quite simply to make CAD/CAM possible at low cost. Through the project, users may acquire all information, design details and software needed to manufacture a CAD/CAM machine using readily available parts for a few hundred pounds. Several versions of CAD CAM machine are described including an innovative rotary table design. Included also on the website is CAD software which allows users simply to define components by onscreen manipulation of generic shapes.