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NAAIDT Members' Area o Newsletters o Guidelines o Viewpoints
NAAIDT Policy Statement o NAAIDT Articles of Association o NAAIDT Code of Practice o Annual Conferences o Regional Groups

NAAIDT Members' Area

A private area for NAAIDT members. Includes a discussion forum and a complete list of contact details.


The NAAIDT Newsletter is circulated automatically to all members and archived copies are now posted in the Members' section - you will require your NAAIDT usrename and password to access them. Members of the association are able to submit materials for publication by contacting the News Editor at


NAAIDT Guidelines provide an Association 'view', policy or advice on a range of issues. They are intended for Members' use and for wider circulation.


NAAIDT Viewpoints provide a forum through which Members may present a personal point of view. They represent the views of the individual Member and are not necessarily NAAIDT policy but may lead to the development of a NAAIDT Guideline. Their purpose is to stimulate discussion and provide a quick response to current issues.

NAAIDT Policy Statement

Design and technology is concerned with the ability to turn ideas into reality. It involves the application of knowledge, skills and experience, using a distinctive creative process which results in practical outcomes.

NAAIDT Articles of Association

Details of the purposes and organisational structure of the association - updated April 2001

NAAIDT Code of Practice

Each NAAIDT Member: shall act in such a manner as to uphold and enhance the good standing and reputation of educational professionals.

Annual Conferences

A record of all annual conferences of NAAIDT, giving details of venues, dates and president of the day.

Regional Groups

A directory of NAAIDT regional groups.