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DCSF new food rooms guidance last call 2009
Submission date: 22nd March 2000
The DCSF have issued a last chance for schools to take advantage of this initiative. Only schools without Food facilities may apply for capital funding to enable them to fulfill statutory requirements in Key Stage 3 from September 2011. Please note: BSF...

NAAIDT Annual Conference 2009: 'Sustaining the Future' - 23rd - 25 April 2009
Submission date: 1st February 2000
Just to remind you that this year's Annual Conference 'Sustaining the Future in a changing climate' is at Ettington Chase in Warwickshire from Thursday 23rd April to Saturday 25th April 2009. Please make sure that these dates are in your diary. Conferen...

Building schools for the future
Submission date: 10th December 2000
The Education Group (EdG) have organised a joint event with the Environmental and Waste Management Group (EWMG) on the theme of 'Building schools for the future'.

This full day networking event will be held on 28 January 2009 at the Bolton Science and ...

Act now on large secondary D&T class sizes!
Submission date: 9th December 2000
We have established an epetition direct to Gordon Brown to demand a maximum legal class size for D&T.

The petition reads ‘We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to legislate, on the grounds of health and safety and in line with the laws alrea...

STEM DIRECTORIES - New resources
Submission date: 28th September 2000
The arrival of the 2008/9 STEM Directories marks a major milestone for the STEM community. This is first time that the science, engineering and mathematics communities have come together to produce jointly a major source of STEM enhancement and enrichmen...

Education for a technologically advanced nation: Design and technology in schools 2004–07 - Ofsted June2008
Submission date: 27th June 2000
The Ofsted Report on Design and technology in schools for the years 2004–07 has just been published. It makes for an interesting read and captures Ofsted's view of the strengths and weaknesses of our subject in schools. Based on a sample of 90 school ...

CAD it! CAM it!
Submission date: 4th October 2000
Computer-Aided Designing and Making for Primary Schools – a Guide for Teachers

This well illustrated booklet provides a concise and practical introduction to the use of ICT in primary schools to support design and technology. It includes cle...

QCA Secondary Consultation - Ends September 14th - NAAIDT members are urged to respond.
Submission date: 2nd September 2000
Welcome back to the start of another academic year.
The current QCA consultation on the draft critera for GCSE specifications ends on September 14th. The association believes that it is important that there is a strong response from those engaged in Desi...

Notes and presentations from the 2007 conference
Submission date: 28th April 2000
Most of the conference notes and presentations are now online and available for download (username and password required).

Proposed Key Stage 3 Programme of Study for England
Submission date: 22nd February 2005
Please find attached the pdf file of the proposed Key Stage 3 Design and technology Programmes of Study for England. This is subject to a consultation as reported on this news page.
NAAIDT's view has been to welcome the increased clarity around the key...

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