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Abraham Derby
The Coalbrookdale Iron Bridge was the first structure of its kind in the world. By the late 18th century, East Shropshire was the most important iron producing area in Great Britain. The river Severn was used as the main method of transport but here was n...

Aerosol Spray
Lyle David Goodhue
Paints, Perfumes, Anti-perspirants, insecticides and cleaning agents are now commonly dispensed using aerosol cans. The aerosol was invented in 1841 by an American scientist, Lyle David Goodhue. Three types of spray are available: 'space sprays' deliver a...

Zip Fastener
Dr Gideon Sundback
In 1893, a Chicago engineer, Whitcomb L. Judson filed the first patent for a 'slide fastener'. This was initially too crude to be successful but was developed in 1913 by a Swede, Dr Gideon Sundback who attached the metal locking mechanism to a flexible ba...

Breakfast Cereals
John Harvey Kellogg

Drive Chains
James Slater
The earliest known sketches of chains are by Leonardo da Vinci although link chains were used in Byzantium as early as 230 BC. In 1864 James Slater patented the first precision chain strong enough to drive bicycles and other machines. His Salford factory ...

The fusee was invented around 1450 and was developed to even out the turning force, or torque, of a clock spring as it wound down. This was needed to improve the accuracy of clocks by maintaining a more constant speed for the gears. The fusee is a conical...

Richard Trevithick

Steam Engine
Thomas Newcomen
In 1699 Thomas Savery had produced his 'Miner's friend', a steam pump without moving parts which extracted water by condensing steam to create vacuum. Denis Papin developed the idea to cause a piston to be pulled down against a weight but it was Thomas N...

Guglielmo Marconi
In 1883 Thomas Edison discovered that an electric current could be made to pass through space from the burning filament of an electric light bulb to a cold metal plate - the 'Edison Effect'. In 1895 Guglielmo Marconi transmitted Morse code signals for mor...

The Aeroplane
Wilbur (1867-1912) and Orville Wright (1871- 1948)
It appears that the Chinese discovered many of the fundamental concepts of aviation in the first Millennium and certainly had developed man-lifting kites early in the second between the 6th and 13th centuries AD. Leonardo da Vinci recorded many aeronautic...

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