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Cut-out Model
D&T Online
Submitted by: Geoff Howard
ReceptionWhole Class ProjectResistant MaterialsEngineering
KS1Individual ProjectGraphicsCADCAM
KS2Short TaskFoodCatering
KS3Research and InvestigationTextilesFashion
KS4Enterprise activityICTElectronics
Post 16Product AnalysisSystems and ControlStructures
Embedding ICT in DT   

Lesson Context
A project to develop the use of 2D drawing software

Resources Needed
Computer, printer and suitable 2-D drawing software (e.g. !Draw, OakDraw for Windows, Techsoft Designer, CorelDraw, !ArtWorks)
Card, marker pens, spray adhesive (an alternative is to use thin PVA and laminate with a warm iron), craft knife, safety rule and cutting mat.

Teacher Preparation
Assemble a display of commercial cut-out models to stimulate ideas

Project Brief
A manufacturer wishes to produce a range of cut-out models suitable for distribution in museums and local souvenir shops. Design and make prototypes of suitable models. The finished design should fit on to a single sheet of A4 card.

Design and Manufacture
Investigate similar products in shops, museums and books. Decide on a suitable theme (e.g. transport, houses or Victorians) then design a prototype.
Use 2-D drawing software to draw a development or net.
Print out the final design directly on to thin card or laminate a paper print-out on to medium card (an alternative is to use a plotter if available)
Hand render the design using markers if you do not have access to a colour printer.

Expected Outcomes
Cut-out models printed on to card

Ideas for a Cut-out Model

Additional Information
You may wish to add an illustration of the assembled model and step by step instructions.

MS Word file of associated pupil hand-out