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Healthy Foods Product Design
Babington Community Technology College
Submitted by: Sioux Gardner
ReceptionWhole Class ProjectResistant MaterialsEngineering
KS1Individual ProjectGraphicsCADCAM
KS2Short TaskFoodCatering
KS3Research and InvestigationTextilesFashion
KS4Enterprise activityICTElectronics
Post 16Product AnalysisSystems and ControlStructures
Embedding ICT in DT   

Lesson Context
GCSE students project to design and make a new food product that is healthier than similar existing products as well as being creative and innovative.

Resources Needed
- Laser cutter;
- CAD software - we use 'Techsoft 2D Design'
- Nutritional analysis software;
- Fully equiped food room

Project Brief
The novelty cake section of the local supermarket sells a range of decorated sponge cakes. These products appeal to a range of people, but do not fit with our school policy of 'Healthy Eating'.

Your task to redesign novelty sweet product to be healthier. It must be a marketable product so should be aesthetically pleasing, innovative and creative.

Design and Manufacture
Students had to design both a remodelled healthier recipe and create an appealing finish to the product.

'Rocky' cake ready to receive final decoration of icing sugar dredge

Additional Information
This presentation was a low fat carrot and orange cake, aimed at increasing a user's '5 a day' intake as well as reducing their sugar and fat intake compared to a standard novelty cake.

The design of 'Rocky' was taken as a currently popular theme, to appeal to a trendy market. The stencil was designed in 2D design and cut out on a laser cutter.

From the the DfES funded and BECTa supported, joint NAAIDT and DATA project 'Embedding ICT in Design and Technology'