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Reception Whole Class Project Resistant Materials Engineering
KS1 Individual Project Graphics CADCAM
KS2 Short Task Food Catering
KS3 Research and Investigation Textiles Fashion
KS4 Enterprise activity ICT Electronics
Post 16 Product Analysis Systems and Control Structures
Embedding ICT in DT   

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The NAAIDT Project Exchange provides teachers and others with the opportunity to share ideas for design and technology projects and activities. Each entry comprises a text description to a common format and, if available, a related illustration. Provision is made also for colleagues to share related learning materials using the Downloads button where this is implemented. The database is fully searchable using text in Normal Search or a combination of text and option buttons in Advanced Search. Click on the info ( i ) button for more details.

Each entry has been verified by NAAIDT members. Additional entries may be submitted using the online form available by clicking on Add New.